About Us

Our story starts in the charming city of Vancouver, where I’m sure you can agree- inspiration is plenty. We’re a lean team of photographers and filmmakers who view the world through a lens, capturing stills here, and motion videos there. Then, we cut, edit and put it all back together until we’ve curated your story to our passion’s satisfaction. And yes, true to our name, we really do obsess about every pixel in every frame.

Can you blame us? We’re creatives. Your videos and your photos are our life’s work, and we take that very seriously.

So, whether you need us 5 minutes away, or 50,000 kilometers away, we’ll be there. And while our knack for capturing and preserving the most beautiful moments in your life can be applied to lots of events, we have been working diligently on mastering our craft in one area in particular: love stories. We’re suckers for it….And (one part luck, three parts effort), we happen to be really good at it. So, allow us to apply our vision, skills, professionalism, experience and of course, all of our pretty awesome photo and video gear to your love story. We want you to look back at your wedding, engagement or celebratory shoot years from now, thrilled at how beautifully and artistically we snapshotted that important time in your life.
Give us a call, let’s talk.